World’s first juniper wood-aged gin launched in UK

HERNO juniperHernö Juniper Cask Gin from Sweden – the world’s first gin matured in juniper wood casks – is being launched in the UK.

It is distilled and bottled at the Hernö distillery in Ångermanland in northern Sweden and follows the introduction of Hernö Gin and Hernö Navy Strength Gin earlier this year.

The global launch of the latest addition to the range will be next week at Charlotte’s Bistro in Chiswick, south-west London, which specialises in gin.

Hernö Swedish Excellence Gin, is made with eight botanicals: lingon berries, meadowsweet, black pepper and vanilla as well as coriander, cassia, lemon peel and juniper. It is available in the UK from Master of Malt, Speciality Drinks and The Whisky Exchange.

The Juniper Cask Gin sees the gin matured in juniper wood casks, resulting in a rich, smooth and honey-like spirit. There is a herbal sweetness to start, moving onto a light, green juniper note, followed by a darker, heavy flavour of juniper and rich, bold pine notes. Finally, there is citrus peel and a little woody sappiness.

”It is very exciting to be the first distillery to use casks like this,” said Jon Hillgren, founder and master distiller at Hernö Gin. ”Never before has gin been matured this way. The result is a very fresh and intense gin.”

The navy-strength gin is the same spirit but with less dilution, bottled at 57% instead of Hernö Gin’s 40.5%.

Charlotte’s Bistro developed a specialisation in gin in summer last year when it created its “Gin Wall” gin collection, following by the introduction of a Monday-night “Gin School” in November. The bar and bistro, owned by Alex Wrethman, now offers 40 different European gins on constant rotation.

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