Your Favourite Bar Games Can All Be Played Online

Whether you love a pub quiz or finding a cubby hole for two and breaking out a board game, almost every game you can conceivably imagine is now also available online.

While some online versions will never quite live up to their live originals, here’s a list of some that come close enough, meaning you can crack open a bottle of your favourite craft beer, play along, and almost forget altogether that you haven’t set foot outside.

Chess is undergoing something of a revival


Once the main game played in pubs, cafes and town halls, chess has undergone something of an online revolution of late, with young players such as Magnus Carlsen bringing it to the attention of a new generation.

Sites like and Chess24 now offer such a vast range of games, with variations and levels to suit everyone, that the online chess experience supersedes live gameplay unless it is the beer and face-to-face company you treasure above all else.

Quiz Machines

Everyone will remember when quiz machines started arriving in pubs, bringing the excitement of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire to your local, as large groups swamped the machine barking answers as the person at the controls got more and more riled up. Although such machines aren’t quite as popular as they used to be, there will be those players who’ve pretty much memorised the answers and still make a tidy profit whenever they come across one of them.

For those people and everyone else besides, games such as Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, Deal or No Deal and the Wheel of Fortune have all now been turned into online replicas of their original formats or converted into slots, for which free spins are available if you keep your beady eyes open.

Darts and Pool

Although they are phased out of many pubs and bars, to be re-marketed as trendy experiences by the likes of Flight Club, pool and darts are still two games that are fun to play.

The great thing now is that you don’t need a pool table, nor an understanding partner who doesn’t mind holes in the wall, to play either game. VR technology has made it possible to play with the use of only a VR headset, meaning you can practice being Phil Taylor or Ronnie O’Sullivan as much as you like.

Play pool in virtual reality!
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