Does your choice of cocktail say more about you than you think?

Everyone is different; it’s part of what makes socialising and meeting other people so exciting, and one of the reasons why we enjoy social games that greatly depend on the combination of players’ personalities, such as poker.

Interestingly, though, without even knowing it, we give clues away as to our true selves with the choices we make, our personal preferences, and our likes and dislikes. In poker, understanding what information you’re giving away by your choices and your own likes and dislikes can hand you another advantage as you seek to understand what you’re showing and also what you can learn from other people’s choices.

Giving the game away
Did you ever stop to realise, for instance, that your choice of cocktail says an awful lot about your personality? It may come as no real surprise to you that footballer Cristiano Ronaldo chose to name the most popular cocktail at his hotel in Lisbon after the top individual prize in football (and one that he has won three times), the Ballon d’Or. This highlights some of the characteristics we all know about Ronaldo, namely that he isn’t exactly the shy, retiring type. However, did you know that your personal choice of cocktail might also be saying something about you, and giving away characteristics important to your approach to a competitive game like poker?

Keeping Coy
Let’s take one particular personality type at the poker table as an example, the personality type that 888poker call the Shark of the pack. The shark at the poker table will look to ruthlessly dominate games of poker without showing any mercy. The straightforward approach of the shark lends itself well to enjoying a Bloody Mary. Sharks will dislike anything overly sweet and fussy that might detract from their ambitions and prefer simply to get on with the task in hand.
On the flip-side, if you’re a Fish (a newbie) just feeling your way into life at the poker table, opting for a Sex On The Beach cocktail could be a wise move. Going for a fun-loving cocktail like a Sex On The Beach will give others the impression that you perhaps don’t take your strategy as seriously and single-mindedly as you should, which could allow you to disguise certain moves whilst secretly lining up a winning move.

Blending in
The UK’s most popular cocktail, the pina colada also has its place at the poker table. The approach of the Rock personality type at the poker table is to keep risks low at all times and pull off the predictable moves that people expect from you, the strategy being that you can use this predictable image to your benefit when you pull off a more daring move. By choosing a predictable drink like the pina colada, Rocks will be further boosting their “predictable” persona, safe in the knowledge that they can use this to their advantage later in the game.
So there you have it: never underestimate how much information we give away by the choices we make and the preferences we show to others. Next time you’re playing poker, keep a keen eye on what drink choices your fellow players are making, and use this knowledge to your advantage!

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