European spirit TOVARITCH! Vodka lands listing in Carrefour Turkey

The European spirits brand, TOVARITCH! Vodka, has launched in Turkey, bringing the number of countries where this brand is enjoyed to twenty-four.  TOVARITCH! Vodka has gained a significant listing in 46 Carrefour Gourmet Concept stores in high end neighbourhoods.

The Swiss based brand owner signed a distribution deal with Turkish distribution agency, Pasaeli, over three years’ ago. It has taken much planning to bring sales to fruition and sign a prestigious listing with Carrefour.

Seyit Karagözoğlu. Founder of Paşaeli, said: “TOVARITCH! Vodka is the world’s most awarded vodka which offers exceptional quality at a well-balanced price. This makes it highly appealing to consumers seeking superior taste without compromising on value. We are delighted to introduce TOVARITCH! to consumers in Turkiye with a refined palate for vodka.”

Eugenio Litta Modignani, CEO and founder of the brand, said: “We are thrilled with this business win and congratulate our wonderful partner, Pasaeli, for all their hard work in bringing this to fruition despite some regulatory challenges. Pasaeli is doing a great job in the on-trade as well as the off-trade. We look forward to the reaction from consumers across Turkey.”

The vodka category in Turkey demonstrates a unique set of characteristics according to Pasaeli:

  • Steady Trajectory: suggesting a consistent demand without significant fluctuations.
  • Market Preservation: The vodka category is expected to maintain its market share within the broader spirits sector. While it is not the fastest-growing segment, it continues to hold a firm position.
  • Premium Segment Growth: Within the vodka category, the premium segment is anticipated to experience slightly higher growth compared to the rest of the market. This indicates a gradual shift towards higher-end vodkas, aligning with global premiumization trends.

TOVARITCH! Vodka is priced at RRP of 999 Turkish Lira (€28.5) for a 70cl bottle and RRP of 1430 Turkish Lira (€40.8) for a one-litre bottle.

For trade sales in Turkiye, contact:

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