A new disruptive concept never seen in the cocktail bar before arrives in Spain

  • The first cocktail bar in the world to use 3D printing and laser printing technology will open in Spain, in addition to using its own molding techniques to create its own ceramic glasses. Everything under one roof!
  • This innovative concept will open in Spain on the 2nd of June, in Barcelona, ​​and the site will be called Mariposa Negra Bar.
  • The name and place are inspired by the mysterious fantasy world of Marina’s novel, written by the great Spanish writer, Carlos Ruiz Zafón.

After a long wait during the pandemic and the restrictions imposed by the state of alarm, the first cocktail bar in the world will finally open on the 2nd of June in Barcelona that uses 3D technology techniques, laser technology and where they also mold and cook their own ceramic glasses, straws and decorations – all in one place!

Through the techniques used in Mariposa Negra Bar, they manage to create glasses and decorations of a certain shape, size and color based on the flavor and aroma of each drink, making it a completely immersive and balanced experience.

This innovative concept comes from the hand of the well-known international mixologist Luca Corradini, who already has a long professional career as a mixologist and mixologist.

“3D printing helps us to expand and not put limits on our imagination” says Luca Corradini. “This technology allows us to print everything that we imagine in a prototype that later by means of molding techniques we can transform it into clay and later into ceramic by heating it in our oven at 1300o temperature”, adds Luca.

In his cocktail bar, they can create anything from glasses, plates, decorations, pots, molds … to drain covers and even toilet paper holders, without having to depend on trade routes and only then based on their own judgment. “We have suffered a lot from the trade routes during the restrictions,” Luca explains.

In addition, in the fight against plastic or disposable straws, they join the cause and decide to create their own handmade ceramic straws that they can make completely customizable, thus doing their bit to end this widespread custom that exists on the use of this type of straws so harmful to the environment and our seas and oceans.

Mariposa Negra Bar is located in Plaça de les Olles, in the heart of the Born Quarter in Barcelona, ​​a neighborhood known for its gastronomy, art and its streets full of life.

This artisan cocktail bar is also inspired by the mysterious fantasy world of Marina’s famous novel, written by the great writer Carlos Ruiz Zafón, the most widely read and recognized Spanish author in the world after Cervantes.

This novel is set in the Barcelona of the 70s, where Michail Kolvenik, a self-made doctor motivated by an obsession to overcome death and the mistakes of Mother Nature; discovers a special plasma that is extracted from the blood of black butterflies, thus creating a serum in his workshop located in the El Born district of Barcelona, ​​where the bar is located.

Michail Kolvenic reconstructs with materials various inert bodies that in the eyes of that society were imperfect due to their deformities or lack of limbs after the wars. With this mystical serum he is able to give life to his half human and half puppet creations that will haunt the nights of an authentic and enigmatic Barcelona.

In this peculiar, dark and mysterious space, Mariposa Negra Bar wants to explore this fascinating work of art, living and embracing the nightlife of Barcelona with its handmade, mysterious and imperfect creations like Michael Kolvenik’s nocturnal creatures.


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