Benefits Of Adding Carrier Oil For CBD

You can see cannabidiol (CBD) products with carrier oils. A carrier oil (also called the vehicle) is an oil that helps preserve the delivery and potency of active compounds in a substance. Mixing a CBD oil with a carrier oil can enhance the potential benefits of both substances. Moreover, since CBD tends to be soluble in oils, mixing this naturally occurring compound with other organic oils can help produce positive results for consumers.

Read on to know four benefits of adding carrier oil to CBD:

  • Enhances Absorption

One of the primary reasons why CBD oil manufacturers mix this substance with carrier oils is to improve the body’s ability to absorb the mixture in the gut. It’s because the resulting combination is a fat-soluble substance.

Note that the body has two pathways for absorbing compounds: one path for water-soluble substances and the other for fat-soluble components. The absorption happens in the intestinal tract, and increasing the gut’s ability to absorb fat-soluble substances may enhance the positive effects felt from the CBD-infused product.

It’s because fat-soluble substances, such as CBD, don’t go into the bloodstream directly. This organic compound needs to enter the fatty lymph tissue–a network of immune cells and fat-based components–before traveling through the lymph. This procedure needs to happen before CBD enters the bloodstream.

If the body consumes CBD with other fats, such as those in carrier oils, the mixture primes the body for a better-than-average absorption rate. The effect signals the body to absorb more CBD, allowing the consumer to reap additional benefits from the substance.

Remember to read full info about what carrier oil to mix with CBD oil by browsing credible online sources. Combine CBD with the right carrier oil, and your gut should absorb more nutrients from both oils.

  • Additional Vitamins And Minerals

The average CBD oil may contain nutritional content, like proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. You may also receive healthy amounts of iron, magnesium, and phosphorous from consuming pure CBD products.

Mixing CBD oil with a carrier oil can promote other health benefits. For example, combining CBD with sunflower oil adds vitamins A (retinol) and E into the mix.

Consuming the daily recommended amount of vitamin A is integral to maintain good vision. This particular vitamin can also help prevent night blindness and boost the immune system to prevent eye-related diseases.

Conversely, vitamin E can provide several skincare benefits. It can help moisturize the skin, and it helps promote fast and efficient wound healing.

Both vitamins A and E are also essential for maintaining healthy skin. If you want to retain your youthful looks, consider mixing CBD oil with sunflower oil.

Aside from sunflower oil, you can also mix CBD oil with avocado oil. This particular carrier oil is rich in antioxidants, oleic acid, and healthy fats. Moreover, avocado oil is quite tasty, which is a boon for consumers who want extra flavor in their CBD oils.

  • Makes Measuring Doses Easier

One of the challenges of using CBD oils is determining the correct doses. For instance, you want to use CBD in drinks, but all you have is a dropper in attempting to measure the exact amount of the substance.

Mixing CBD oil with a carrier oil helps you generate a more accurate dose. The solution is to dilute CBD oil in a carrier oil at a relatively predictable amount, like 100, 300, or 1,000 mg. In turn, you can measure the volume of the mixture with fewer risks of receiving adverse effects.

Take note that incorrect consumption of CBD oil might result in some side effects. Although these adverse results might not be life-threatening, they might still bring unwanted discomforts.

  • Retains Shelf Life

You might be using CBD oil on an “as per need” basis, which means you only consume this compound when needed. But, you don’t want to run out of CBD when you need it the most. Mixing this substance with a carrier oil may help improve its average shelf life.

For example, mixing CBD with olive or coconut oil can help maintain both substances’ freshness for extended periods. It’s because these oils have fats that oxidize at a slow rate.


Combine CBD oil with the right carrier oil, and you can gain several benefits from the concoction. Some advantages include easier dosage measuring, enhanced absorption in the gut, and additional health benefits for the body. Still, remember to consult your doctor before consuming any CBD-infused product. Failure to apply the correct dose might put you at a high risk of contracting adverse effects.

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